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“I would like to acknowledge Kylie Beveridge for her commitment to raising awareness and acceptance of Autism within our school community. Kylie and her husband Bruce are educating their son about autism in such a way that he readily accepts that he is different and happily shares this with his peers. Parents often fear that a diagnosis of autism will result in a difficult life for the entire family. The Beveridge family have embraced their sons diagnosis and been proactive in ensuring that he accesses all the support services that are available. They have worked closely with the school and formed excellent relationships with the staff, working as a team with the child always at the centre. As a school, we welcome diversity and our ultimate goal is to provide an engaging curriculum that is accessible and achievable for all students. Congratulations Kylie on the successful launch of your ‘Paint Me A Rainbow – Autism Awareness’ campaign at Whitford Catholic Primary School. We are privileged to be a part of your families journey and thank you for raising funds to purchase resources that will support the learning of students with ASD.”

Cath Hughes, Assistant Principal

Whitford Catholic Primary School

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Paint Me A Rainbow - Autism Awareness WA

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ACNC (Australian Charity not for profit commission ) as a Public Benevolent Institution

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Developmental Disability WA

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