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Introducing our very own Flash the dragon plushie!  Flash was created for our charity by a dear friend during our 2018 autism awareness campaign as a drawing!  Flash has now been brought to life and is ready to join your home!
These gorgeous Flash dragon plushies each stand approx 20cm high, and appox 30cm from the heart tip of his tail to his gorgeous squishy feet.
Made from beautiful soft fabric, Flash has ears your child can flap, soft teeth your child can play with and wings that can be moved and his feet are filled with squishy beads to give your children some sensory stimulation.
Here at Paint Me A Rainbow Headquarters we believe dragons symbolise courage, strength and
good luck to those who are worthy of it.
Dragons are also known to be protectors of treasures and humans.
A dragon guardian protects and also guides you.
Flash comes with a side tag with his name and also with a Certficate Of GuardianShip.

FLASH the Dragon Plushie (sensory plush toy)

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