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This gorgeous children's book was co written by our charities founder Kylie Beveridge and her son Lachlan aged 11 and beautifully illustrated by Peter Ryan.  This book is a tale of two very special dragon's - April and Flash.  The book shares a message to children about the importance of remembering to breath when you have anixety.  
We wrote this book to introduce our two dragons, April is our dragon from our logo and the one that is our mascot. Flash is her son. Both dragons have been created by our son Lachlan. We also wanted to bring some awareness to aniexty and the link between anxiety and autism. Many people have suffered from anxiety and we thought it was something that people with autism and people without autism share. Our books main message is to breathe when you feel anxiety. 
The book is about Flash and his first day of school and about him feeling worried. April his mum reminds him about the importance of his magical dragon breath and how breathing can help reduce your feelings of anxiety.
"Many people with autism suffer from anxiety. Mum and I wrote this book to help people understand what it might feel like to have anxiety and a little way to make yourself feel better if you do"
Lachlan Beveridge

Don't Forget to Breathe - children's story book

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