Meet Our Board Members 


Kylie is a proud mother of her son who has Autism and is the Founder and President of Paint Me A Rainbow - Autism Awareness WA Incorporated.  

Kylie has strong communication and marketing skills after spending many years within the corporate world working as an Executive Assistant.  Kylie has hosted several successful fund raisers for different charities recently and is extremely passionate about making a positive change within the lives of children living with Autism and their families. 


BSc (Chiropractic), B.Chiro (Hons)

Dr Sonia is the Deputy Chairperson on our board and is the principal Chiropractor and owner of the instrument-adjusting & soft-tissue specialists, Mullaloo Chiropractic Clinic, based in the heart of Perth’s northern suburbs. A mother of two (and grandmother to three!), Sonia has had extensive experience both nurturing and researching general health & wellbeing as it relates to the modern family.

Behavioural and developmental difficulties are an issue close to heart and home for Dr Sonia & she is committed to providing her unique holistic insight on matters of concern to the board.


Bruce is a parent of a child who is on the Autism spectrum and is the Co Founder and Treasurer of Paint Me A Rainbow - Autism Awareness WA Incorporated.   Bruce holds a Bachelor of Adult Education and has worked with students with disabilities, and within the Teaching and Training field for 15 years.  Bruce is extremely driven to raise awareness for Autism in the wider community.

Mrs Leaha Muntane - SECRETARY 
Leah has been a small business owner for the last 7 years Specialising in sourcing quality products worldwide and bringing them to the Australian market. With an integral focus on customer experience the business has had many successes.
Leaha is blessed to live near the coast of Perth's northern suburbs and a proud mother of two young girls.  She believes in the importance of connection and involvement within schools and the local community, and the benefits this provides for all.


Natasha has over seven years experience in teaching children such an important life skill, swimming.  She has had the pleasure of interacting with parents and children from all different walks of life and will be becoming a mother herself later this year.

Tash is a friendly, loving baby-sitter, a passionate artist and now a medical representative who is eager to strive for her life goals in becoming a successful woman within the workplace.  Tash is ready to take on any and every opportunity that comes her way.  Tash is also passionate about helping the lives of children and families living with Autism.