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Autism Awareness WA Incorporated 

We are a Non-Profit Association within Western Australia. Our mission is to help bring awareness and acceptance for children living with an Autism diagnosis.


We offer a Holistic whole family approach to advocacy 

Contact us today to speak with our advocacy team.  We are here to help you navigate your way through the early stages of diagnosis, the NDIS process, how to understand and best manage your child(ren's) plan.  Our team can also support you understanding your child's IEP (Individual Education Plan), attend any meetings and help you learn to art of how to best advocate for your own children.  Our meetings are held within a confidential safe space.

*Advocacy requirements ~ you or your child need to be a current NDIS participant and to be self managed (please contact our office if you are unsure of what your plan includes)


Every April, we invite schools to host our 'Paint Me A Rainbow' campaign. This is a fun and successful campaign to raise funds for participating schools to help their children with an Autism diagnosis.

Our Board Members are passionate about making a positive change to the lives of children and their families that are living with an Autism diagnosis.

If you would like to join us and register your primary school to participate in our next 'Paint Me A Rainbow' campaign, please click on the

'Paint Me A Rainbow Campaign' link above. 


" To create an inclusive environment for children and families living with an Autism Diagnosis. Enriching the lives of children with Autism by fund raising and bringing awareness and acceptance. To work within our State Community and to spread our campaign, 'Paint Me A Rainbow' to reach every child in need, allowing their true colours to shine"

Kylie Beveridge 

This is a picture was taken of our son at our gorgeous local beach. He is our greatest teacher of life and unconditional love.

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Paint Me A Rainbow - Autism Awareness WA

P O BOX 4048


Licensed to fund raise throughout Western Australia

Charitable Collections Licence CC2232


ACNC (Australian Charity not for profit commission ) as a Public Benevolent Institution

DGR status (able to offer deductible gift receipts over $2.00)

Developmental Disability WA

Associate Member of Connectgroups WA

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