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Never Give Up!


Never Give Up! Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of an Autism Parent is the honest and hear-wreching story of the Cain family's journey from diagnosis and despair to inspiration and cautious hope for the future written to encourage other parents of children with autism.

Monique shares her struggles and the lessons she learned along the way about herself, about life, and about loving her children and accepting them for who they are.  She also shares some practical tips that will help anyone who deals with the daily struggles of engaging with children with autism and helping them achieve their potential.

This is a great book to read yourself for its insight into daily life with an autistic child, to share with friends and family who have children with autism.  You can read it from cover to cover for inspiration and ideas, and dip into it over and over for the practical advice and encouragement which radiates from every page.


Monique Cain, Author of The Everyday Autism Series lives on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia with her husband and two autistic children.

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