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Ocean wave Night Light - projector


This has been a very popluar addition to our home.  

There are 7 colourful light modes to choose from, red, blue, green or mutli coloured.  The colourful lighting casts on your ceiling or walls - depending on where you place the unit. 

The projector can also play a nature track or your can add your own music by connecting to your MP3, phone and PC.

It has an auto off timer, with an adjustable projector 

Specifications are - 

ABS + PS + electronic components, light source is LED bulb - Switch mode is button and remote.  Power supply - USB Transformer (not supplied) 

Your light kit comes complete with

1 x Ocean Light

1 x Audio Cable

1 x USB cable

1 x remote control (battery not included) 

SIZE is 12.6 x 10.5cm

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